T Brobson's Ultimate 1-99 Cooking Guide: XP Rates, Quantites, and More!


T Brobson's Ultimate 1-99 Cooking Guide: XP Rates, Quantites, and More!

Hey guys, sorry for delay. I asked my roomate to upload this while I was in NC, and he instead corrupted the file accidentally so I had to totally remake the guide today. Slightly rushed to get it uploaded, but it still includes everything! Contents: SKILL INTRO/REQUIREMENTS: 0:00-1:04 = Introduction to guide 1:04-2:03 = Recommended Items/Levels: Cooking Gauntlets (all info) 2:03-2:47 = Recommended Items/Levels: Varrock Armour 3 (all Info) BEST PLACES TO TRAIN COOKING: 2:47-3:39 = P2P Spot One: Cook's Guild: How to get there/Pros/Cons/Reasons to Train There 3:39-4:59 = P2P Spot Two: Rogues Den:How to get there/Pros/Cons/Reasons to Train There 4:59-5:28 = F2P Spot One: Lumbridge Castle: Pros/Cons/How To Train There WHEN DO I STOP BURNING FOOD?! 5:28-6:30 = Level Requirements/When You Stop Burning Each Fish Both With/Without Cooking Gauntlets Best Training Method From 1-99 Cooking: 6:30-6:56 = Levels 1-5: Sardines: XP Rates/Quantites Required/Recommendations 6:56-7:20 = Levels 5-15: Herring: XP Rates/Quantites Required/Recommendations 7:20-7:38 = Levels 15-30: Trout: XP Rates/Quantites Required/Recommendations 7:38-7:58 = Levels 30-68: Tuna: XP Rates/Quantites Required/Recommendations 7:58-8:28 = Levels 68-81: Lobsters: XP Rates/Quantites Required/Recommendations 8:28-8:50 = Levels 81-90: Swordfish: XP Rates/Quantites Required/Recommendations 8:50-9:11 = Levels 90-94: Monkfish: XP Rates/Quantites Required/Recommendations 9:11-9:33 = Levels 94-95: Sharks: XP Rates/Quantites ...

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